Playable areas & interaction that are currently planned or in progress ( with community input ):

Besides the PVP focus we also aim to implement a small storyline for PVE and Solo ( offline ) players,
we will try to make this game as complete possible for every type of player.

The "KC" Hospital ( Kinetica "experimental" Corporation):
An area responsible for the spread of the virus together with the infected planecrash area ( origin of the virus ).
In this area will be AI/interaction planned in, expect decent loot to find, alot of interaction and a few quests,
for PVP servers we might adjust the level of AI and Quests here.
In the basement of the hospital will be a morgue on one side with walkways to the Kinetica experimental lab on the other side
where things have gone terribly wrong, expect a surprise there...
In the basement will be less light ( a few red emergency lights will be on ), if u turn the main light on here u probably will have
alot more interaction, certain individuals may become more active ;)
The Hospital will be a quite open area on the outside with PVP kept in mind.
This area is currently in development and the "raw build" is nearly completed ( as of 5/2020 ), AI & quests will be added later.
In this area will be 2 car spawns.

The Army base:
As expected a pretty filled up area with lots of goodies, expect here alot of open PVP game possibilities and weaponry loot to be find.
This area features a few lookout towers and one main lookout tower, there are many Military tents, two Hospital tents,
a shooting range and a garage building for storage, vehicle parking, 2 small offices and a Helipad.
At night time there will be 2 searching lights over the area at certain spots, focused for more PVP interaction ( a creepy feeling
to get spotted ) but still enough space for safer looting ( solo players ).
Lights will become modular at one point ( when night falls ), there might even be a searching light which will turn on when u enter
a certain area of the base, we try to add as much interaction that can benefit a feeling for the players and PVP interaction.
There will probably also be a quest tied to the Army Base and in this area there will be 2 car spawns.

Planecrash area, near the border of the map:
Origin of the virus, will be quite infested and among the horde there will be 1 bigger enemy ( mainly for PVE, but possible in PVP too ).
It would be an impressive individual ( bigger zombie as the others ) which will be bigger and a bit behind or among the horde
to keep it interesting, dont expect to put this one down with 5 shots ;)
As a name we were thinking of the name "Jonbie" ( a funny referral to our own team member Dr.Jon who is almost 2 meters in RL ;)
Expect quite some loot/reward here to find, we will keep in mind that in this area there will be less building possibilities
to not cut off this area, it will be probably one of the main areas people will visit.

Small airfield area:
Not far from the Planecrash area, it will have a landing zone, a small command tower, a warehouse and a few cabins.
In this area will be 1 car spawn.

Big shopping mall:
Impressive deserted/apocalyptic shopping mall, will have several floors and quite some population in PVE,
less population in PVP, it will feature an impressive hallway/corridor, we will try to create a great atmosphere here.
This shopping mall will feature a nice multi-floor parking which will be an ideal PVP area for run & hide games or
chasing people with cars from sub-floors up to top-floors:)
In this area will be 2 car spawns.

The Dam:
Pretty big area, also quite impressive looking with enhanced PVP possibilities, it will be possible to turn things on and off which
might offer more PVP interaction and situations, in this area will be 2 car spawns.

Kinetica's Psychiatric center and Research Lab:
An area similar to the Hospital but will have "secured" zones and a big glass corridor at the 2nd floor connecting the Psychic center
with the Research lab, it will be constructed in a way like the research lab of the movie World War Z.
Quite some PVP possibilities for hide 'n seek games, also alot PVE interaction, know your path is key here.
In this area we tie more PVE quests later, most likely in this Psychiatric center patients were to be used as Kinetica's test subjects in
the Research Lab on the other side, there's a rumor of a certain individual and often screams are heard ;)
In this area will be 1 car spawn.

Cities / Towns:
We plan to have 1 main town or city ( with bigger buildings etc. ), 1 bigger town or city and 2 smaller towns.
In the main city and bigger town will be 2 carspawns, in the small towns will be 1 car spawn.

Gas stations:
We plan to have between 3 to 5 gas stations through the map ( on roads or at an entrance of a city ).

The Mansion area:
A big mansion on a higher hill with plenty of space, pretty secluded and probably an area where people want to build around.
Also a place with a nice amount of loot, in this area will be 2 car spawns.

Kinetica X Corporation Headquarters:
A big area with Kinetica's main HQ building, pretty big building and pretty good infested, a mix of open & closed off security zones.
Very much PVP oriented area and decent loot to find, pretty good chance u run into bigger AI here ;)
In this building u will find the cure for the virus, if infected u need to take this within X amount of time ( mainly PVE oriented ).
In this area will be 2 car spawns.

Police stations:
We plan to have between 2 or 3 Police stations, the main one will be in the biggest town/city and will feature a small prison.

Fire stations:
We plan to have 1 fire station in the main city.

Residential areas:
We plan to have several residential areas, some of them among towns/cities.

Radio tower:
A spot around the middle of the map, high and hard to reach, medium/rare loot to find and a fantastic view over the Landscape ;)
In this area will be 1 car spawn ( a jeep or a quad ).

Forest residential:
An area with cabins among the woods, might look like a vacation zone but really isn't ;)
In this area will be 2 car spawns ( a jeep, a truck or a quad ).

Camping zones:
Several spots around the map will have camping zones with campers, sitting banks, tents, etc.
There will also be one main and bigger camping zone with around 20 campers ready to be looted or build around ;)
The main caming zone will have 1 carspawn.

Extraction / evacuation zone:
On the other side of the map we implement an extraction zone, the place where the last remaining people have ran to.
Many bodies and a very chaotic environment, people killed eachother here and quite some infected AI is active which carry the virus,
be sure to have picked up the cure sample at the Kinetica HQ before entering this area.
This zone will feature Military C-130 plane which u can enter in full detail, also a few trucks, crates, etc.
This area and plane will be filled with goodies, there will be semi-availablity to build bases around and will have 1 car spawn ( Military jeep ).

Areas under review atm:

Sportcomplex area:
The idea arised to implement a sort of apocalytpic or deserted sportcomplex, but this one we will work further out and look
aswell if that is something the community likes when we have worked this further out.

An area which we wanted to implement from the beginning of our re-routed project, but since it might have quite the same PVP
interaction as the Psychiatric zone, this is still in review, we will ask peoples opinion first when we are further with the project.

The old factory or chemical waste plant:
We have plans to implement a factory or chemical waste plant, this will also be with input from the community.
In case we go for a chemical waste plant we might look into AI oriented possibilities for this area.

- Zombie AI ( smarter & less smarter individuals ;)
- Special Zombie AI ( sometimes will pop up in certain areas or among a horde, pretty tough enemy ).
- Jonbie ( our "tough" zombie AI, an impressive figure, will leave decent loot behind, u need to work for this ).
- Other custom Zombies & community Zombies ( for example, a custom Chinese one wearing a T-shirt with "China Numbah 1" written on it:)
- Wildlife: Deer, Wolf, Bear and probably rats and other wildlife is in the works ( balancing atm ).
- Quests ( all sort of quests, will be worked out later with the community ).
- Interaction with lights or machines / electric doors ( if they still work ) to enhance PVP interastion or PVE situations.
- Vehicles: Car, Quad, Police car & jeep, a Truck, Jeep and maybe a bus ( a bit tougher then cars, won't explode imidiatly, clanfun? ).
- Basebuilding: Tampers, Deck Foundations, Shelters ( big & small ), walls, gates, ...
- Shacks and a personal loot chest/stash
- Reactive water with bullet and other interaction with the water
- Reactive Foliage with bullet and other interaction possible ( layed down grass when stepped on, etc. )
- Small boat ( very small river boat, probably around the Dam area ), will move 3x fast as walking in water.
- Interactive lights ( seciurity lights that will "pop on" when u enter the Mansion from the front, switchable lights, etc ... )
- Things like working escalators & elevators are in the works, surely elevators in higher buildings might add things to the game ( traps, ... )
- Dynamic day & night cycle with fog & bloom shifting, realistic weather will be added later too.
- Crafting, looting, shooting ( in the works atm ).
- Possible virus infection for players ( mainly PVE oriented ), cure will be to find at the Kinetica HQ, u need to take it within X amount of time.
- Door system: Many doors will have unique sounds, ideal for PVP situations in buildings when searching for people ;)

Final notes & ideas:
Most things we plan in our game are always possible to change due PVP balancing, but we start with the main areas to find out.
For the rest our Landscape will feature bridges, broken bridges ( also "walking" bridge between hills ), rivers and ponds.
We might add quicksand at a certain place ( not random so u know where it will be ) to cross quicker between 2 main hills,
probably usefull sometimes as a solo player to "escape" (, but u need to drop things to get out ( per example ).
We will try to make this game more "overall" interactive but not too much, we will check with the community, we dont aim for a similator game ;)