Game FAQ / Info update:

Hello Everyone,

Below u can find the updated info / FAQ, tomorrow we will do another update about the status,
and what's ( short term ) on the road, renaming explanation and more.

***What is ZoneX?***
ZoneX is a 3rd person ( with First Person option ) Open World survival MMO,
it's not a ( JS or anything else ) remake,
but it's inspired by multiple things and a BIG input of the JS community,
more info to find on our website :

***Are you associated with Daybreak Games?***
We are NOT related to Daybreak Games or any third party company,
old footage of our first project ( JS remake ) is obsolete,
everything was cleared up with DGC and we seized that project as of 01/2020
We can not help ANYONE or support ANY other remake of JS to help out people
trying to rip assets or maps from JS data,
all JS assets are IP's of Daybreak Games and copyrighted
Advertising other JS remakes or how to rip data in one of our channels
will result in a mute or ban,
however, people are free to talk about the old beloved JS game ofcourse ;)

***More information about the engine ; structure and ideas***
ZoneX is build on UE4 ( C++ based ), but migrating to UE5 sooner or later is most likely
All our ideas, POI and situation setups are build up by ourselves or provided by community input,
ANY other project telling otherwise is pure coincidence and untrue!

***When will the game release?***
Our first release ( Alpha ) is aimed for Q2/2021, after we keep releasing updates ( Alpha's )
A "finished" version we have no idea, we try making it timeless ( expanding & revamp it through the years )

***Will it be Free to play?***
Yes the game will be Free to Play through all the Alpha's,
we have multiple other ideas & solutions to generate income for the project
The only exception rule we have is when "cheating" would ever become a problem,
we might consider a small amount but just enough to discourage cheaters from changing accounts

***How do I get alpha/beta access?***
Beta testers have been chosen for the time being, once anything changes it will be announced.

***Download link?***
There is no download link and it should be needed, the game will be released on Steam.

Type ?socials in #bot-commands to get a full list. ( Discord )

***What timezone are you in?***
GMT+ 1 (CET)

***Is this game open source ?***
The game is not Open Source, however we might look into certain custom adjustable rulesets ;
console CMD options and the possibility to host your own Private Servers

***Will it be IOS Supported (Mac) ?***
It might be, it will be looked at more in the future.

***Do you guys have an e-mail ?***
Yes we do, we are migrating to our new domain ( ),
but for now & stay active untill further announcement

***Economics of the game***
This game is self funded and started for ourselves but became a hobby that got out of hand,
we have the possibility and the knowledge to try to make this something unique.
This is for us a showcase project for the future, it is in our own interest to
do this properly, the upside is we are our own boss and have no deadlines.
Future wise we think it's possible to let the project let it fund itself with things like :
skins + personal skin offering, airdrops, hosting agreements,
advertising + advertising ingame ( apocalyptic billboards, ... )
In the future we might be open for offers or contracts, advertising etc.,
but for now we dont want to promise things or pressure on us,
the way everything is going now is ideal for us and we want a release first

If people have any more questions, they can contact us through Discord
( ask for a DM in General chat or something ) or Email us : ( soon : )


***What will the game setup be?***
A Third Person based ( with First Person possibility ) Survival MMO with Solo player options,
we aim a variation of rulesets through time ( PVP ; PVE and Solo player Save/Load
Players will have to loot, gather or kill ( and loot ) other people for items,
but u can also be nice, chat and share things ingame if u wish ;)
Crafting, farming and raiding other people bases are possibilities,
to build a base u need to loot, chop trees and craft things
There is a storyline / background tied to the game, it will be less interesting on PVP servers
( besides the few quests to gather special things ), but more likely for PVE or Solo players

***Type of Gameplay?***
The game is getting build up to be accessible ( quickly adaptable ) for any type of player,
fluid animations and reaction, therefor the game is C++ based for max performance
The gameplay is being developed with an experienced beta test team and community input,
we have no deadline and we keep on building untill we have the specific feeling we are looking for
The player will have the ability to loot, shoot, craft, build a base, raid things, drive things,
farm and will need to eat & drink now and then, further there are things like Stamina, Hunger, ...

***Mapsize, name?***
Our playable map will be 8km X 8km ( 64m² ), depending on the future of the game, players and
optimisations we might expand the map to a bigger size, our system setup allows this
The name of our map is simple "Zone Xceed" ; but we simply call it ZoneX in short ;)

***Weapon setup & recoil?***
We offer a variation of weapons, and some special ( rare ) ones, some examples are :
.308, AR15, AK57, Shotgun, Magnum, 9mm, Crossbow, Melee weapons, HEgren, FlashGren, SmokeGren, GasGren
Recoil depends from weapon to weapon, there will be a bullet drop for practically every weapon and
some weapons will ( partly ) penetrate things better then other ones

There will be a basebuilding system ( can be expanded later ) : Deck Foundation ;
Shelters ( big & small ) ; Gates ; Walls ; Upperwalls ; Stairs, Lookout Towers ; Doors and a few addons
The bases that have been build will be claimable and possible to be shared with friends,
however people getting into your base will not be "ejected", people will need to secure their base
Bases will decay over time if u dont care for them, u need to repair them every now and then,
the lifebar of every wall and shelter will be viewable for people wanting to raid u ;)
Shacks ( Small and normal ones ) will be available, same rules count as for the basebuilding,
will need to be repaired now and then and it will be raidable

Raiding someones base or Shack is possible, Gates are harder to raid then Doors,
some things will need more resources ( EIDs ; Ethanol ; Gasoline or other things implented ) to raid a base or a Shack
Bases will decay over time if not taken care of, it will be visible ( Green ; Yellow ; Red indicators with a % value ),
this will decide how much resources u need to raid that particular piece

People will have several options to farm or make stuff, things like crops, wheat, yeast, purified water and more
( logical ) things will be added, we wont "overdue" the game with useless things
Some things will need water or taken care of, these systems will be placed in game overtime
in a particular order that makes sense

There will be quite a few recipes, from crafting basebuilding items upto bullets and food,
some will need to get "discoverd" before another one will be accessible and often a Workbench is needed

***Small Stash?***
We want to introduce a small unraidable stash to protect solo players a bit more,
only one PER PLAYER and possible to move it IF it's empty.
It will be big enough for a "gear up" or to store your first basebuilding pieces

There will be only one type of chest ( one of measures we try out to minimise server/database costs ),
it will also encourage the "spreading" of loot through a whole base a bit more
In a chest there will be quite some room to store but not "too much",
we will balance this out with the playerbase feedback we receive

***Player setup, Skins and animations ?***
We will offer Character; weapons & Base/Shack skins ( painted stuff etc ),
a future ideas is specific face skins ( ever wanted to be in a game ? ),
however we need to check this first as GDPR compliant possible to achieve.
We will have 3 animatins sets bound on a character, might be expanded if time allows us in the very future,
for now it will be : Semi soldier/muscular animations ; Civilian and female animation, all depending on the character u choose.
If the community supports it, we might even consider to make small differences on the characters
( female is more slim to get through certain gaps in a wall, but has a bit less stamina and less hungry ), small logical differences

***How will item spawning be distributed across the map?***
"Logical" loot distribution system, this means u will find more med kits & bandage at the Hospital,
more grenades, weapons and ammo at Military base or Police stations.

Along we develop, we expand a storyline ( outbreak of the Xceed virus, hordes of undead walking around )
about the origin of the virus ( Bionetica Corp ), their Lab HQ and much creepy stuff with quests
For PVP servers there will be less quests, just a few for rare item unlocking or opening stuff somewhere,
in PVE or Solo play there will be developed alot more over time, the game is always expandable

***AI ( Undead ; Animals ; insects )***
We offer a variety of AI, those will get smarter and smarter in time we develop and work on waypoint/interaction
and trigger boxes and situations, these will contain purely C++ driven logics as this is one of the main things that eats performance.
We WILL need time to develop and optimise this, but be sure to have a few basic ones from the start in one of the first Alpha's
These undead will sometimes appear in hordes with now and then a bigger, stronger and creepy impressive big one
inside a horde which u wont take down with a single headshot, we will pay detail on fun ; creepyness and logic
The undead ones are varied : creepy ones, faster & slower but stronger ones, impressive & intimidating ones or even smaller ones,
also custom clothing with things like "China Numbah 1" written on it and much more...
Animals like Wolves, Deer, a chicken or a Bear and even rats ( sewers etc. ) join the party too, some are more shy then other.
A Bear or Wolf confronts an undead and viceversa, but a deer will run for its life ;)

We are implementing ( already from the start in one of the first Alpha's ) interaction into the game, things like ( replicated )
on and off switching of lights ( u can notice/spot people ) or opening electronic Gates or garages.
Keycard/code system opens certain ( creepy ) locations like the second basement of the Hospital or the Bionetica Labs and
it's adjacent "testing-subject building" ( floating tunnel connected ), these stand guarantee for rare stuff and chills
Foot trailing system, at certain regions or surfaces people can leave traces which makes them traceable for an amount of time,
sand and snow are on of the surfaces people need to pay attention which route they take`
Additions like surveillance spotting ( at the Mansion from a certain side , spotlights turn on ) or moving escalators or elevartors,
also sounds at specific areas or specific doors and gates are things that benefit the game

***Weather, seasons and day & nightcycle ?***
Yes, we are using seasons and it will shift through time alongside day & night,
the setup currently is like 3 playing hours "day" and 1 playing hour "night",
we can adjust this at will, atm we are recoding the heavy BP parts of the fantastic UDS/UDW plugin to C++ into our game,
hooked up with our own Xceed Master Material and Niagara setup
It already looks fantastic ( we are sharing stuff ) and with our further optimisations we make it possible to use the
full UE4 "volumetric" system in Open World with our own custom Clouds, Weather GFX & VFX

***Water, Foliage?***
Our water will react to people or things running around in it, it will also react to bullet impact or anything else,
we have simply a full reactive ( replicated ) water system in place, it's possible to use a small sloop or raft
The same goes for our foliage, it will react to people touching it, people who think to hide in high grass better dont move,
the plants or grass will move and make sound depending on the acceleration of passing by it

***Cars and other vehicles***
Vehicles will be introduced starting of around Alpha 3 release, so far the list is :
Jeep, Pickup, Quad, Copcar, Copjeep and possible a small bus or camper wagon ( clan rides anyone ? )

***Areas, POI's and more?***
The map layout is set up with balance in mind and logical loot distributions, some POI's are :
Towns, residential areas, "BioNetica" Hospital, Armybase, Old Armybase, Shipwreck Corner, The Junkyard and The virus Crashsite
We received alot of input and expanding of the map will be reviewed if it benefits the balance,
we develop with this very much in mind.
The connections between these POI's are through roads, highways, bridges, tunnels or just through the woods ;)

***Game and Server setup?***
People will be able to play solo, host a server ( Listen Server ) or setup up their own Dedicated Server,
there will also be a few Official Servers intime and a Test Server
PVE and Solo player setup will have a few choices of rulesets which we reveal through the Alphas
( extending now and then after PVP is setup properly ), a load & save system ( Solo offline play ) is possible
PVP setup will be revealed pretty early, a few rulesets but the most common that people will know
( raidable / non raidable, etc. ), this can be expanded

***Anti cheat?***
We are looking heavily in many ways to prevent cheating, there will always be cheating in any game,
but we try to react as fast possible and will be handling a "zero tolerance" policy ( instant ban from the game )
The use of anti cheat plugins, hosting server support and monitoring by admins are things that will be looked at
and we will react asap to bug reports ( through Discord channel or )

***Further Road Map?***
We will try to make this game future proof, we think this is a setup that is pretty rare and can grow overtime,
we can adjust, expand and revamp the game through the years, constant evolving once the finished version is ready
We always listen to player input, without players and a community a game is lost, we think we can fill a gap that
players are searching for years, but we will need years to build this, our team will expand in time to speed this up

See you on the battelfield ! :)