News : 17/03/2021 :

Hello everyone,

Another informative update, a little bit much to read but it has been a month meanwhile :wink:
We are still working intensively on the character and multiplayer/replication setup.
We had another slow down, mainly because i'm working alone on the project these day's
( DrJon has to sign off coding due RL things and not being able to hook up with me long time cause of COVID restrictions ).
However DrJon will still take care of the main pre-bug spotting alongside the beta team and will be the main fixing bug support.
The good news is i have a family member in my "bubble", someone with alot of modding and 3D modeling experience,
i will guide him into the ZoneX UE workflow & optimisation setup in our studio to help me speed up the batch modeling process.
The development should go a tad faster as soon he is worked in and when our legal inquiries are in order, we will expand more.
About the game :
Today we share a vid with our first basic movement setup ( to give people an idea ),
In time we aim to have 3 sets ( will depend on the choosen character ), this should be the setup :

1) Semi "Military" movement setup ( a bit muscular like shown in the current video ).
2) Normal civilian movement setup ( will be added AFTER the first Alpha ).
3) Female setup ( in case u choose a female character offcourse ).

Alongside skins, custom weapons etc, these animation sets are another addition to give the players
more personalisation over their character, we might go even further later with race or custom face setups ( if we can pull this of GDPR compliant ).
All these "extra's" are planned AFTER we have a game properly running, we do everything to get a solid game working first :slight_smile:

Since this update is already pretty long, i will do another update next weekend with more explanation
about the game ( whats done, what's on track etc. ) and our roadmap.
We have some more things to decide on our roadmap ( to put us safe once and for all ) now EG7 has acquired DBG,
our stance & vision is still the same, but we will share our view, plans and alot more next weekend after our internal meeting.
The 2 bigger updates we are talking about are still pending, we are still progressing as planned ( but no Alpha date to announce yet ).

I will check up with the website manager if i can put alot of info online somewhere this week,
it might be easier then these long posts and perhaps it's something to do more in the future once the website is fully done.

Thanks, tty next week !
ZoneX team