News : 14/12/2020:

Hi again everyone,

We have uploaded a vid

In this vid we show the current FPS "ingame" and the Day & Night system (which is fast forwarded to show it all), some tweaks needed, but it will give people an idea.
The FPS with everything loaded, we get solid fps on a triple screen setup and we can still optimise the game more (like 30%) if needed.
We are allready satisfied with the performance we achieve by now, the long work is paying off and i think we are ready for big bases to be build with such optimisation ;)
This was one of the most important things as the basebuilding part & replicated stuff are pretty heavy on systems,
we would like to be able to run it fluidly on mid-range systems, and we are getting there :)

Now the difficult part, as mentioned we can only release the Alpa when movement, shooting & looting part is ready (replicated).
As how much time will be our friend in these Covid times we will see, so far the testing & coding part is going pretty good (results are fluid for a first feeling),
We probably can show the first movement + shooting (and network) part by the end of this month, the coming weeks we and our testers will start intensively in testing this.

I'll try to post some new screens now and then too if things get updated at the GFX part now and then.