News : 30/10/2020:

Development update :

We have uploaded 2 small vids with more info about integrated systems and next things to come.
The movement and shooting / looting part will be in one of the coming updates,
probably a bit before the Alpha when we have tested everything more intensively.
Atm we have added ( multiplayer replicated ) footsteps ( tracing people for X period of time it stays visible ),
also a snow ( that builds up ) & rain system ( with forming puddles ).
The reactive water has been updated with more details and interaction, a bit more eyecandy among the physics system :)
Our RVT system is now hooked up with the custom Z1ex RVT material, our ( World Composition ) Landscape setup, weather,
and much more everything gets be blended nicely.

We decided to split the landscape AND the ingame map in 8 by 8 tiles, ( 64km² ), this means no "J10" or "A10" on the ingame map,
developing wise ( for areas ) it's a bit more convient for us and ingame it wont differ much, a 64km& map stays a 64km& map ;)

In approx 2 or 3 weeks we come with another update, there are some things which will "fit" as a puzzle when the Alpha will be released,
some of those things we cant show yet ( it's enivornment wise, not mechanics wise ) because we have worked something out that mostly
people who played JS before will understand, as those people can explore the environment ( atm we just show "test" levels all the time )
u will understand what we meant with "moving on" ;)

People are eager for a date offcourse, but it stays the same, we are aiming around Christmass / end of december IF all tests are stable.
So far network replication goes fine, we just need to work out more things and hook up the coming mechanics with performance checkups.
More news about that in one of the next updates.

We have 2 uploaded vids at our Youtube channel, links are posted in Discord ( #updates-media ) and here below.

Moved ( new ) Army Base :

Moved Snowy ( new ) Army Base :

A small add-on the the webiste has been made, we have added "The team" where u can find a bit more info about the current team.