News : 23/09/2020:

Status update & roadmap.

Hi everyone,

It has been quite a while, mainly because we spend alot of time on the coding & mechanics,
those parts are less visual ( unless almost ready ) then landscape & area development,
What we will do however, is every 2 weeks releasing some screens of what we have allready done environment wise.
We still need to fill up more rooms, add more dirt etc., but it are detailed works we add now and then when we see fit between coding.
Mainly we work 4 days a week on the mechanics & coding and 2 days on optimisation, modelling and further detailing out.
Currently we are working on movement, animations, inventory and the shooting part. We mentioned a new vid and stream a few times,
those will be released seperate from our regular updates when we have a bit more to show playability wise.

We have posted a few new screens ( on the website and on Discord : #updates-media ),
these screens are some we did not shared before, this is practically the final look of the Hospital
( besides some more dirt, cars and more filled up rooms ).
Every 2 weeks we will be posting new screens from the outside and inside of the Hospital, Army base, Gas station, and surroundings,
this way people can have an idea where u can run around in the near future and there is every 2 weeks something to show to people.
Meanwhile we keep working on the coding and detailing out of the map, this will be the workflow for the coming months.
The cheating part of the game is something we are thinking ahead now these days as we are at the coding part,
we will have questions and opinions to ask from people ( through our Poll bot or something ), we get into that pretty soon.

About the Alpha release, i think everyone knows by now we were too optimistic with the few setbacks we had,
we wont be able releasing the coming weeks or month, it will be more towards the end of this year, we aim before Xmass.
We will share it with U as soon we have the basic mechanics and final optimisations properly done : A nice feel of movement,
working inventory , shooting / ballistics & looting system all with network replication.

We have posted a few news screens, more to follow soon :

Thanks for the support everyone!